What Happens When You Finish Whiskey In Hot Sauce Barrels

What Happens When You Finish Whiskey in Hot Sauce Barrels

George Dickel Tabasco Brand Barrel Finish whiskey
Looking for a way to spice up your distilled spirits. Take a cue from George Dickel's latest release: Tobasco Barrel Finished Whiskey. 

You can learn more about Tobasco whiskey in the following article from Liquor.com: 
TABASCO<sup>®</sup> Wood Chips
Tobasco Barrel Wood Chips

As a Hobby Distiller, you might not have easy access to a Tobasco Barrel. However, you can easily get Tobasco Barrel Wood Chips from from the Tobasco Country Store.

One of the joys of Hobby Distilling is the freedom to experiment. Try aging your next batch of whiskey with a few Tobasco Barrel Wood Chips and spice things up.

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