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Rum: A Great Place to Begin Your Hobby of Distilling

Rum is one of the easiest spirits to produce for a new hobby distiller. Molasses, sugar cane syrup, or sugar cane juice are traditionally used to make the Caribbean spirit. This recipe utilizes the molasses content contained in dark brown sugar, which can easily be found at your local grocery store. What you will needUse the following ingredients to make your Rum: 10 lbs of pure cane dark brown sugar - make sure it is cane sugar and not beet sugar.5 gallons of water1 packet of Rum Yeast You could substitute pure molasses for the dark brown sugar to make a more traditional rum. If you do, use three 12 oz jars of pure molasses per gallon of water. Any higher ratios can cause issues with your fermentation. How to make your Rum wash Follow these steps to prepare your Rum wash:

Heat 2 to 3 gallons of the water to boiling in a large stock pot then reduce heat. Dissolve the brown sugar in the water. Hold the temperature above 165F for 10 minutes to eliminate unwanted bacteria. Pour the sugar wate…

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