Tips on putting together your Bourbon inspired dinner

This classic New Orleans dessert would not be what it is without the buttery bourbon sauce that’s spooned over the top. One reviewer proclaims this recipe “the best bread pudding I’ve ever eaten.” If you can’t get to New Orleans to spend a little time on Looking to put together a tasting night with your friends, to share your own craft Bourbon?
Why not go beyond the tasting and create a Bourbon inspired meal?

The extraordinary pastry chef Emily Luchetti recommends the following in the Flavor Bible when preparing a dinner:
"When planning a menu, pick the dessert or the entrée first and have the other one match it, in terms of style and preparation." 

The rich flavor of Bourbon can elevate both sweet and savory dishes. Adding Bourbon to a recipe is a great way to enhance both desserts and entrees. For a list of Bourbon infused recipes to inspire your next Bourbon themed gathering with your friends, check out the post from Coastal Living:

Use your own craft distilled Bourbon when making any of the  dishes.

Bon appétit! Cheers!

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