Irish Whiskey Cocktails to show off your next craft creation

What is Irish Whiskey?

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Luck of the Irish
Irish Whiskey is a grain based spirit, much like Bourbon and Scotch, but has less requirements with regards to the type of grains and production process. This leaves room for the Hobby Distiller to experiment and develop their own style of Irish Whiskey. Most Irish Whiskey is triple distilled, but it is not a requirement to be considered an Irish Whiskey. To be an Irish Whiskey your spirit must be:

  • Produced in Ireland
  • Made from cereal grains
  • Fermented by yeast
  • Distilled to a maximum of 189.6F
  • Aged in Ireland in wooden casks for at least three years

Pot Still Irish Whiskey has the additional requirements of being made from malted and unmalted barley distilled only on a pot still, like the MoonshineStillPro's Remus Pot Still.

How to Make your Own Irish Whiskey

Unless you are distilling in Ireland, or willing to move to Ireland, you can not make your own Irish Whiskey. However, you can still make your own Irish-inspired Whiskey. Create your mash bill from malted and unmalted barley, then triple distill your wash on your hobby Pot Still. Unless you are in Ireland, it won't technically be Irish Whiskey, but once they have had a glass of your delicious craft creation, they won't care that it wasn't distilled in Ireland.

You could try and recreate an Irish Whiskey from the 19th century, which is what Ransom Wine Co. & Distillery in Oregon has done. Using a mash bill from 1865 they have created their award winning Irish-inspired whiskey The Emerald 1865 using a mash bill of 68% Malted Two-Row Barley, 10% Unmalted Six-Row Barley, 12% Oats, and 10% Rye.

Show off Your Irish-inspired Whiskey with a Cocktail

A great way to share your craft and connect with your friends is to create a cocktail with your hobby distilled spirt. The increased interest in the Emerald Coast's native spirit has mixologists turning to Irish Whiskey when crafting classic and inspired cocktails. Check out the five Irish Whiskey cocktails at the following link to inspire your next creation to share with friends:


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